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    Bringing together all people with the common interest in photography to enjoy, grow and achieve the highest possible standards while learning from our peers

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Our Sponsors

  • A bit of history KAMERAZ evolved from Fripps Hillbrow that was referred to in 'THE BANG-BANG CLUB' as a small "hole in the wall" operation that originally specialised in second hand photographic equipment. Owner Johan Greybe operated there from 1982 - 1995. A month before our 1995 Rugby World Cup glory, the shop was moved to Rosebank, into a similar small-sized premises.

  • Outdoorphoto is South Africa’s largest photographic retailer - a popular destination for both professional and amateur photographers and videographers. We welcome you to visit us at our friendly, modern outlet in Pretoria and secure online shop with delivery nationwide.

  • Camera Tek are the officially appointed Canon photo / video repair centre for South Africa and the officially appointed Pentax photographic repair centre for South Africa. Camera Tek are also an authorized service centre for all Samsung photo/video products.

  • Nikon is the name trusted by millions of photographers around the world. With our cutting-edge innovations and relentless pursuit of quality, we are the global leader in digital imaging and optics.

"Welcome to the Alberton Camera Club.“

You don't have to be an 'Expert Photographer' to be welcomed as a member of Alberton Camera Club. All you need is an interest in photography. The Club meets twice monthly throughout the year with a varied programme of judging evenings, photographic talks and demonstrations, member participation evenings and social events.


Alllevels of photographers and genres of photography are catered for and beginners are made to feel very welcome; there is no obligation to enter work into the judging events - you can sit back and enjoy seeing the work of others before having a go yourself. Experienced photographers can, of course, enter work as soon as they become members.


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